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Policy and Procedures

As a client, you understand that by coming to the office, you are assuming the risk of exposure to the coronavirus.

 Please take your temperature the morning of your appointment.  If it exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit, please call to reschedule. If you are experiencing any other unusual symptoms (sore throat, upset stomach, bodily pains or chills), please reschedule your appointment. If you have been in contact with someone exposed directly to or diagnosed with Covid 19, please reschedule your appointment. You will NOT be charged for cancellations related to any health concern.  

You MUST wear a mask when entering and leaving the building.  The mask must be worn properly.  It MUST fully cover both your nose and your mouth.

  Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment and remain in your car.  The front door of the office building is locked.  I will meet you outside of the building and will take your temperature.  If it exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit, I will ask you to kindly go home and reschedule your appointment.

There will be hand sanitizers and wipes in the lobby.  PLEASE only use the elevator.   I will use a sanitizing wipe on the elevator buttons both outside and inside the elevator and will properly dispose once on the third floor.  I believe there is enough space to social distance on the elevator, but we can go up separately if that provides more comfort to you.

When you arrive on the 3rd floor, you will be escorted directly to my office.  No one will be allowed to wait in the waiting room.  There are no exceptions. There is a touch free foam sanitizing unit in the waiting room for your use. If you have a fee or copay for therapy, I will ask for credit card information to be placed in your file to bill this manually. PLEASE bring your own beverage and pen if needed.    

As the nature to massage therapy, will sometimes require the use of the bathroom. Bathroom is only to be used if it is a true urgent situation.  Only one designated bathroom can be used by visitors.  I ask that you kindly use the available sanitizing wipes to cleanse the light switch, door handle, sink faucet and commode. Common areas will be cleaned daily.

There will be no physical contact such as hand shaking or hugging. Upon leaving the third floor, please sanitize and take a hand sanitizing wipe and use it for pressing elevator buttons and leaving the building.

This seems like a lot to absorb, but in theory it is not much different than what you are already doing to keep safe.  Thank you for your patience and support.  In signing this form, you are agreeing that you have read and acknowledged this protocol agreement. You may return this form, or another will be provided on the day of your appointment.

Between each appointment there will be longer wait times to have ample time to clean and sanitize after each client.

High Risk Clients should not receive a massage unless advised by their health care provider. High Risk Clients include those with chronic lung disease, moderate to severe asthma, heart conditions, compromised or suppressed immunity, severe obesity, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, liver disease and clients over the age 65.

I have read and acknowledged and accept the above agreement.

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